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6th Grade Department

6th Grade Information

Materials for 6th grade

  1. Agenda book

  2. AR book

  3. 3 ring binder or folder

  4. Lined paper

  5. Graph paper (math)

  6. Pencils (2 or more)

  7. Correcting pens

  8. One spiral notebook for each subject (Mr. Taylor requires composition books)

  9. Headphones/ earbuds

Donations greatly appreciated:

  • Any items from the list above

  • Kleenex boxes

  • Glue sticks 

  • Non toxic markers

  • Colored pencils

  • Expo markers

  • Small sharpener 

  • Kids scissors

  • Cash donation for supplies

Thank you!

6th Grade Team

Nicole Sullivan (Department Chair)

Lesley Davis

David Malmsten

Mark Merryman

Ashley Mjoen 

Deanna Romero

Laura Sena    
Gregg Taylor

Lisa Watts