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Valley View's Yearbook Staff Pledge

This yearbook is not about us.

It is not a scrapbook of the yearbook class.

It is not about the "popular" kids.

It is not even about our friends,

(although we love them very much)

It is about EVERYONE in our school.

It is about making EVERYONE feel good.

This is our chance to pay it forward and make someone's day.

We pledge that we will try our best to cover everyone in the

school at least THREE TIMES, which is how we plan to tell your story.


Yearbook Documents


We Love the View 2021
Our View is 2020: Focusing on What Matters
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1. You and all your friends are in it at least 3x

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Yearbook Prices & Deadlines

$59 from 8/1/21- 8/18/21Orientation Offer 

$65 from 8/19/21-12/31/21 Fall Offer 

$70 from 1/1/22- 4/30/22 Spring Offer 

$75 from 5/1/22- sold out Last Chance Offer

$7 to Personalization/Engrave Your Name on Cover

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