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Portfolio Day

portfolio day
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All 8th grade students of Valley View are required to participate in the 8th Grade Portfolio Presentation Day.  Students will present their selected work to community volunteers who will evaluate them on their student work, communication, and presentation skills.  Portfolio Day is considered a formal exit interview for all 8th graders.  Students are required to participate in order to attend the Eighth Grade Activity Day.  Our 8th graders are required to dress in a professional manner (follow the dress code).  English class credit is given for this very important event.



                                                            BUSINESS-LIKE & PROFESSIONAL                                  


Collared, Button Dress Shirt with a Tie

Nice /Dress Pants with a Belt

Nice/Dress Shoes

Suits & Jackets - Optional




Skirt /Pants with a Nice Top

(dresses & skirts must be an appropriate length & may not be tight fitting)

Shoes: No High Heels; Only Shoes with Low Heels or Flats

(shoes = strap or an enclosed heel; NO backless shoes or sandals)



1. Your outfit must be worn the entire day.   ID pictures for high school will be taken on this day.

2. No shorts, capris, or any apparel made of JEANS or JEAN-LIKE material for girls or boys.

3. Students who blatantly fail to follow the dress code will receive zero points under professional attire on the    evaluation form. 

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