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Welcome to Simi Valley Unified School District's new website. Please pardon our dust as we import our content and format the pages. When complete, we are confident that our new site will be a valuable resource to our community.

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PRINT Portal Set Up Instructions

Portal Instructions

AERIES Parent /Student Portal Account and Set Up Instructions

You will need your assigned, personal AERIES verification Code, along with your student’s permanent ID number and your home phone number.The activation code was given to students on the first day of school. It is a sticker that was placed on the front page of their agenda book.

Go to AERIES and Click on ‘Create New Account’  (There is also a link  on the main page of our school website at

Step 1: Select “parent” or “student” and then click “Next.”

Step 2: Add your email address. PLEASE NOTE: An account cannot be set up without a valid email address. CREATE a new password for your AERIES account. (You should have at least one upper case letter and at least 1 number in your password.) Click Next.  A verification email will be sent to your email address from:

Open that email and get the “email codeOR click on “Confirm this email address” link (If you confirm the email address, you will not need to enter the email code. You will need to return to the main log in page.)

Return to the main log in page. Use your email and password to log in.

Step 1: Fill in your student’s permanent ID number, your home phone number (10 digits without spacing or other symbols), and VERIFICATION CODE. “Next.”

Step 2: Check to ensure “Your account is linked” to your student. (If not, click “previous” and re-enter the student’s ID number, home phone number, and verification code.)

Choose your name on the contact list to ensure that the email address is updated for you. Click “Next.”

There is an option to add other parents/students at this time, but you must have the ID number, phone number, and verification code. (You can always add students later, by clicking on the “Change student” tab on top right corner of the AERIES home screen. There is a drop down menu that will allow you to “Add new student”

Click on “Home” to access the AERIES home page.

At this point, you will no longer need your verification Code; as you will always use your Screen Name and Password to access AERIES. Don’t share this information with anyone!  As long as you keep your information private only you will be able to access your student’s grades!

Your email address linked to your account will be used to retrieve your username and password should you misplace them. We will not be able to help you with forgotten passwords or inactive emails.

Check your student's progress on a regular basis.

Video Instruction for Setting Up Parent AERIES Account

How To set up accounts VIDEO