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Student Incentive Programs

STARS 2017-18




Responsibility for

Success in Academics & Citizenship


STARS is an incentive program which rewards students for academic excellence, satisfactory and above citizenship and good attendance maintained throughout the entire school year in all classes including homeroom.  The qualifications listed below MUST be maintained each quarter. No exceptions and no more than three unexcused absences (essentially 21 periods) are allowed.  (Excused absences are illness, doctor or dental appointment, funeral, court appearance, quarantine or immunization, religious holiday or observance.)

  • 2.75 GPA or higher each quarter
  • No in school or out of school suspensions
  • All “O’s” and/or “S’s” in Citizenship & Effort
  • No more than 5 tardies for the year.
  • No more than 10 full day excused absences for the year.
  • Students must complete all Career Portfolio Assignments


The reward for the end of the year will be a trip to Lemon Park with lunch provided and sponsored by our VVMS ASB!



Renaissance is a program designed to acknowledge students’ academic success each quarter.  The Renaissance strategy is to promote an ATTITUDE OF EXCELLENCE by emphasizing academic achievement. We take pride in recognizing and rewarding student achievement and performance.


Students at Valley View are motivated by the recognition and rewards they receive when they qualify for Renaissance.  By using short segments of time, students are encouraged to do better and to make the effort to improve.  Students must re-qualify each quarter. Renaissance membership is open to all students who receive: 4.0 GPA /GPA of 3.5 or higher/Improvement of .5 or more in their GPA


The ultimate goal of our efforts is to have students and staff at Valley View enjoy and promote a community dedicated to achievement and committed to an attitude of excellence.

*Quarterly Renaissance Assemblies Will Be Announced*